L’Atelier de la Barbière – Barber shop et soins esthétiques pour hommes à Bruxelles

“L’Atelier de la Barbière”, the temple of male well-being in Brussels

Need a close shave, quality beauty treatments, a trendy or old school hairstyle ? You’ve come to the right place ! Located in the Sablon district, in downtown, the Atelier de la Barbière is an expert in these fields. Composed of a team of qualified professionals with many years of experience, our barbershop is ready to welcome you to bring a touch of pep to your look, regardless of your style. Our motto is : satisfy each of your requirements !

The Atelier de la Barbière is much more than a simple barbershop in central Brussels. It is a beauty complex that brings together different specialties dedicated to men’s well-being. It’s a place where you can both relax and give yourself the look you’ve always dreamed of.


In our face treatment services, we offer you the high frequency method, customized facial modeling, in-depth skin diagnosis and high quality products. Each of the interventions is carried out with the utmost care by a team of seasoned professionals.


In our beard care services, we respect the ancestral tradition of master barbers, which is characterized by the use of the straight razor, also known as the cut-throat. No matter what style you want to adopt, the Atelier de la Barbière puts at your disposal experts passionate about creating cuts that will make you the man you dreamed of being.


You are further offered special shoe care services (polishing and glazing) and a selection of clothes and accessories in order to enhance your elegance. You will be able to take advantage of our specialists’ sound advice to find the clothes that best suit your style and that will enhance your look.

Our barbershop also has a bar only for customers so that they can relax and enjoy a vintage whiskey or dark rum of the highest quality.


No need to look elsewhere.  The Atelier de la barbière gives you the possibility to find in one and the same place, barbers, beauticians and make-up artists experts in their trade.